Debt Recovery

Our fees in relation to debt recovery are set out below and relate to claims by businesses and individuals for sums up to £100,000. If you are owed more than this sum or are defending a claim for over this amount we will provide an estimate after an initial meeting with you.

As before, our fees are based on our hourly rate of £245 plus VAT.

Legal fees

Type of case Example Legal fees (all plus VAT)

Simple case

ie. straightforward case, ample written evidence is easily obtainable, defendant doesn’t dispute the claim. £500 to £1,500

Medium complexity case

ie. more complex facts, evidence is more limited, oral statements to be taken from up to three individuals, defendant disputes the claim £1,500 to £5,000

Higher complexity case

ie. complicated facts, oral statements to be taken from over three individuals, defendant disputes claim and issues a counterclaim From £5,000


Payments to third parties in a debt recovery matters are usually limited to Court fees and fees payable in relation to service and enforcement of judgements. We would advise you regarding this before incurring the debt on your behalf.

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